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FIREWORK SPECTACULAR!!! Have you ever seen a pyromusical? Have you ever been so blown away from a firework display that has left you speechless? A Pyromusical is a firework display unlike any other. Designed specifically for the theme of the show, fireworks animated to the beats of the music creating theatrical effects never seen before. The precise timing of the fireworks requires the use of some of the most sophisticated computerized technology in today’s market.

If you are a firework enthusiast, love country music, and outdoor family events, then don’t miss this year’s country music firework festival at Woody’s Country Music Jamboree in Aurora, IN. This 3 day event is full of country music and fireworks that will blow your mind. This year’s pyromusical will be nothing like you’ve ever seen. It’s one of the largest firework display’s in the Tri‐State area. Yokum Fireworks will cap off this year’s event on Saturday night with a pyromusical unlike any other. Saturday night in Aurora, IN is the place to be. The theme of this year’s pyromusical is “A Blast through Country’s Past.” Take a tour with us back through the early 50’s through today’s greatest country hits. Relive some of your favorite country songs animated with pyrotechnics and special effects. Come feel the heat! Come see what all the noise is about! Come to WCMJ! Follow us on facebook @ Facebook

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